Del Medical
A sturdy and reliable overhead tube support that allows the most flexible configuration choices in radiographic systems. Combine with a table and wall bucky for an imaging system capable of all general purpose radiographic procedures.
A flexible overhead tube support featuring a compact, slim design complete with motorized vertical travel , minimizing operator fatigue. Combine with a table and wall bucky for an affordable imaging system capable of all general purpose radiographic procedures.
This tube stand only requires a floor mounted rail for support and can be installed in rooms with ceiling heights as low as 87" (221cm). It is an ideal choice for a complete range of radiographic procedures and eliminates the need for costly room modifications.
The Del Medical Rotating Tube Stand offers versatility and ease of handling for general radiography. The FWFC Tube Stand is designed to facilitate the wide range of procedures common to hospitals, satellite hospitals, ambulatory care centers and group practice facilities. An affordable price and short payback period easily satisfy budget concerns.
UArm Series
Del Medical UArm Systems are designed for use in hospital emergency rooms, orthopaedic and all general radiographic applications. The UArm maintains constant alignment between the x-ray tube and image receptor, regardless of tilt position or image receptor angle. The extraordinary flexibility of this system makes it ideal for all radiographic procedures including sitting, erect and recumbent positions.
Surgical C-Arm
The Del Medical high performance surgical c-arm system is revolutionary in its versatility, efficiency and exceptional image resolution. Achieve faster radiography and improved fluoro images with APR (Anatomical Programmed Radiography) and advanced ABS (Automatic Brightness System).
Delworks Medical DR
If you are thinking of upgrading to digital radiography, consider the DelWorks Medical DR -- the easy and affordable way to upgrade an existing general radiographic room to digital. Upgrading to digital radiography will streamline the imaging process in any facility allowing you to diagnose quickly and efficiently.
Delworks F14G DR
Whether you are converting an existing general radiographic room to digital or are looking for a complete DR package for a new imaging suite, a DelWorks DR Upgrade Package is the easy and affordable way to advance to digital.
Delworks Veterinary DR
Now you can easily convert your practice to digital radiography with the ImagePilot System. This single system solution is specifically designed for private practice offices and clinics.
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