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Reimbursements being what they are today, it is necessary to squeeze every little bit of productivity out of your x-ray equipment. The need to maintain the highest uptime possible while minimizing your maintenance costs is paramount in achieving this goal. Whether it is existing equipment or a new purchase, CompRay is here and ready to support you.

With local service engineers, account managers and full-service support staff at your disposal we can manage any project you may require. From x-ray room CAD design by CompRay’s experienced project manager to post installation applications training by our in-house applications specialist to post-sale maintenance by our local field service engineers there is virtually nothing we won’t do to satisfy you, the customer.

Whether it is aging equipment that you need maintained or the purchase of the latest cutting-edge x-ray equipment by manufacturers such as Shimadzu, Carestream, and Del Medical, CompRay has what you need to maximize your productivity and minimize your total cost of ownership.

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You routinely provide us with exceptional customer service.

Response time is quick and consistent and their service team is top notch. Our assigned Service Engineers are very capable and get us back up and running in no time.

~ Rhonda Mayorga, Ph.D., CRA, R.T. (R) (M) (CT) (QM) (MR) Director of Operations, Radiology Associates of Albuquerque

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CompRay is a medical imaging resource and service provider of diagnostic imaging equipment such as digital and analog x-ray systems, computed tomography, bariatric and angiographic systems, fluoroscopy, mobile x-ray, CR and DR products and PACS.

Some of the manufacturers that CompRay distributes for include Shimadzu Medical Systems, Quantum, Carestream, Del Medical, Fujifilm, Konica Minolta, IMAGE Information Systems, and Mavig.

We specialize in everything from new installations of complete rooms to digital upgrades for existing rooms.

CompRay covers sales and service territories that include Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Nevada and West Texas.

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