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WICKENBURG, AZ – July 29, 2019, Wickenburg Community Hospital (WCH) has added the Hitachi SCENARIA 128 CT imaging system to its list of diagnostic offerings. This newest enhancement to computed tomography (CT), includes the latest in radiation dose reduction technology with a system designed to reassure patients. In addition, the Scenaria provides a complete range of clinical applications to meet the needs of both provider and patient.

The system was purchased through a collaborative sales effort between Hitachi and CompRay, a Hitachi channel partner. CompRay is located in Phoenix , AZ. Installation took place in late July and was operational in early August.

The many features of the SCENARIA are designed to greatly improve patient care and enhance image quality. With the .35 mm acquisition and the 128 rows of detectors a patient can have a complete scan in less than 4 seconds. The fast scans that the SCENARIA delivers; enables providers to treat patients quickly and efficiently, which is critical in most emergent situations. Other features; such as lateral table movement, a 75 mm gantry and low table elevation for elderly and disabled patients makes the SCENARIA an ideal CT scanner to address the imaging needs of both children and adults.

The SCENARIA comes with an array of capabilities that enable next level excellence in CT imaging at WCH. For example; the Guideshot system is a feature that compliments the expansion of the Interventional & Pain Management Program at WCH by delivering needle guidance for biopsies and targeted injections. In addition, the Guideshot system reduces patient radiation dose by eliminating the need for fluoroscopy. Other features include riskPointer software, used to evaluate patients for pulmonary emphysema (a type of COPD), CT Colonography, Perfusion studies for blood flow analysis during cerebral studies, and a Coronary Analysis application for the evaluation and observation of coronary arteries to determine patient risk for a cardiac event. Lung nodule analysis and dental applications are also included in the SCENARIA.

“The Hitachi SCENARIA 128 is the first such system to be installed in Arizona with this level of technology and enhancements. It’s a unique system that will be providing outstanding imaging services in a state-of-the-art Diagnostic Imaging Department by world class technologists for many years to come”- said WCH Medical Imaging Manager and Chief of Ambulatory Services, Peter Stachowicz. “The addition of the SCENARIA further compliments the always growing and technologically advanced Imaging Department that proudly serves our friends and neighbors” added Stachowicz.

For inquires and questions about the new CT scanner, it’s capabilities or inquiries about the Wickenburg Community Hospital Imaging Department, please contact Peter Stachowicz, Chief of Ambulatory Services/Medical Imaging Manager at 928 684-4382 or peter.stachowicz@wickhosp.com.

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